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Posted by Rhody Plein on October 20th, 2016
Always contact www.TheBrokerSite.com before making a deal with a new contact

Dear Traders,

Please watch out for:

Tel : +44 1256240485
Fax : +44 1256240486

He pretends to work for the real company Exertis.co.uk but he obviously doesn't he is a FRAUD who stole their identity.

Please note we warned for the FRAUD already back in February he was then using the domain name www.exertismicro-p.co.uk read our earlier warning here::

Dear Traders,

Please watch out when you are contacted by:

Philip David brown info@exertismicrop-uk.com
Tel Dir:+447570372607
Tel : +448443571287
Fax : +448445070535

Tel Dir:+441256240485
Tel : +441256240486
mob : +447928753435

They are FRAUDS pretending to work for the REAL company www.Exertis.co.uk

Please note we also found the same phone number appearing in profiles of the following companies:
Tft Limited - Disolved
25 Tek Limited – Disolved
Res 2010 Limited – Disolved
Mountbridge Limited – Active

They are also using the following delivery address:

Attn of Anthony Myles (Whse)
16 Maypole Crescent
Darent industrial Park
Erith - DA8 2JZ-, U.K

Please note you can always contact us when dealing with a new supplier or customer, we will check them out for you.

Trade Safe!

Rhody Plein
Sales www.TheBrokerSite.com
Tel: +31 642 965 537
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Posted by Pepe Bermudez on October 13th, 2016
Always contact www.TheBrokerSite.com before making a deal with a new contact
Last weekend, a set of products were stolen from the warehouse of one of our members; mostly HP & Lenovo laptops, HP hard drives, Spares and retails.

"These guys knew what they were doing..." - He sends - "...managed to find a way in and systematically cherry picked stock, completely ignoring low value products on the same shelves and only going for the higher value and easier to move/sell products, they are not new to knocking over IT companies..."

Please watch out when being offered a similar order with these products:
13 Pieces with SKU: 817927-B21
4 Pieces with SKU: 804578-B21
51 Pieces with SKU: 718162-B21S
10 Pieces with SKU: 781516-B21
7 Pieces with SKU: 781516-B21S
22 Pieces with SKU: 781518-B21S
1 Pieces with SKU: 20AL00EUUKREF
2 Pieces with SKU: 20FL000DUK
10 Pieces with SKU: 20FN003LUK
2 Pieces with SKU: 20FN003PUK
10 Pieces with SKU: 20FU0007UK
1 Pieces with SKU: 665240-B21S
6 Pieces with SKU: 693689-B21S
6 Pieces with SKU: 693689R-B21
3 Pieces with SKU: 700763-B21B
2 Pieces with SKU: 765424-B21S
2 Pieces with SKU: 765455R-B21
6 Pieces with SKU: 768857-B21
3 Pieces with SKU: 777285-001
45 Pieces with SKU: 759208-B21
6 Pieces with SKU: 759212-B21
14 Pieces with SKU: 652572-B21S
13 Pieces with SKU: 652611-B21S
5 Pieces with SKU: 657750-B21
8 Pieces with SKU: 20FU001KUK
9 Pieces with SKU: 581284-B21S
12 Pieces with SKU: 581286-B21S
90 Pieces with SKU: H5G74ET#ABU
25 Pieces with SKU: T9X25ET#ABU
34 Pieces with SKU: V1A93ET#ABU
1 Pieces with SKU: T7W00ET#ABU
2 Pieces with SKU: T7W16ET#ABU
36 Pieces with SKU: T9X00ET#ABU
23 Pieces with SKU: T9X22ET#ABU
51 Pieces with SKU: T9X40ET#ABU
1 Pieces with SKU: ME087B/A-2.7GHZ+8GB
11 Pieces with SKU: MGEQ2B/A+I7-3GHZ+256GBFLA
8 Pieces with SKU: MJLQ2B/A+512GBFLA+GERMAN
19 Pieces with SKU: N1A78EA#ABU
1 Pieces with SKU: N6Q20EA#ABU
8 Pieces with SKU: P4P54ET#ABU
1 Pieces with SKU: T9X45EA#ABU
1 Pieces with SKU: M3X13ET#ABU
4 Pieces with SKU: MD712B/B-INT
1 Pieces with SKU: Z0QG2101615273
12 Pieces with SKU: J9F40AR
8 Pieces with SKU: J9F48A
9 Pieces with SKU: J9F48A-S
6 Pieces with SKU: SFP-H10GB-CU1M

Please contact us if these products are being offered to you.

Trade Safe!

Pepe Bermúdez
Marketing & Sales www.TheBrokerSite.com
Phone: +1 3472846827

LinkedIn Profile: http://nl.linkedin.com/in/pepebermudez
MSN-Skype & Trillian: www.TheBrokerSite.com
AIM & G-Talk: Pepe@TheBrokerSite.com
Yahoo! Messenger: Pepe_TheBrokerSite

Serial Numbers of the stolen products:
2Y66335KAB, 2Y66335KA8, 2Y66335KA6, 2Y66345KVM, 2Y66345KVV, 2Y66345KVX, 2Y66345KW0, 2Y66345KVP, 2Y66345KVW, 2Y66345KW1, 2Y66345KW5, 2Y66345KW4, 2Y66345KVS, PHG633E05H, PHG633E08N, PHG633E08M, PHG633E090, PHG633E0A2, PHG633E058, PHG633E0A1, PHG633E07L, PHG633E06W, PHG633E06T, 76M0A06RFUYB, 76L0A0HUFUYB, 76L0A0JXFUYB, 76L0A0NHFUYB, 76L0A0JGFUYB, 76L0A0J4FUYB, 76L0A09MFUYB, SPC016SP9, SR90K7NGS, SR90KLVWG, SPC0BJ2YC, SPC0BJ2Z8, SPF0FYU04, SPF0FYU3N, SPF0FANFD, SPF0E8PH0, SPF0FB8U8, SPF0FHCGQ, SPF0FB8WF, SPF0FB943, SPF0FBATA, SPF0FBAPS, ISA79829, P4HXZ15F, P4HYK09F, P4HXZRAF, PEK11MVX, P4HZAMMF, PEK1J93X, CZ3626ZYPB, CZ3626ZZ07, CZ3626ZYP6, CZ3626ZYP9, CZ3626ZYPC, CZ3626ZZ08, ISA79729, ISA79742, ISA79813, 3CJ506209K, 3CJ506209R, 8C363400B5, 8C363400B9, 8C363400B4, 8C363400B2, 8C363400B3, 8C363400B8, 5690A05QFTM8, 5690A07BFTM8, 5690A08GFTM8, 5690A08BFTM8, 5690A04FFTM8, 5690A04YFTM8, 5690A08CFTM8, 5690A083FTM8, 5690A077FTM8, 5690A01AFTM8, 5690A05BFTM8, 5690A06DFTM8, 5690A046FTM8, 5690A07JFTM8, SPF0INFPR, SPF0INFP3, SPF0ITK6Z, SPF0HUUM9, SPF0HUSFQ, SPF0KY8Z2, SPF0HUQEQ, SPF0HUYVC, 5CG6143XVH, 5CG6142YM7, 5CG6143XTX, 5CG6142XQM, 5CG6142XMK, 5CG6142YHL, 5CG6142YJD, 5CG6142YNR, 5CG6142XQS, 5CG6142Y1X, 5CG6142Y0R, 5CG6142XY7, 5CG6142Y84, 5CG6142Y6D, 5CG6142Y5N, 5CG6142XR7, 5CG6142Y5Y, 5CG6142XRZ, 5CG6142XNG, 5CG6142YD4, 5CG6142YJ0, 5CG6142Y4W, 5CG6142XL5, 5CG6142XMR, 5CG6142XMZ, 5CG6142Y2M, 5CG6142XZG, 5CG6142XLZ, 5CG6142Y4N, 5CG6142XZC, 5CG6142XNM, 5CG6142XWP, 5CG6142XW3, 5CG6142XNQ, 5CG6142Y22, 5CG6142Y26, 5CG6142YP1, 5CG6142Y80, 5CG6142YGQ, 5CG6142Y2W, 5CG6142XTV, 5CG6142YCX, 5CG6142XTP, 5CG6142XXF, 5CG6142XXM, 5CG6142XN2, 5CG6142XJV, 5CG6142XL1, 5CG6142Y17, 5CG6142XX3, 5CG6142XXV, 5CG6142YGW, 5CG6142XQG, 5CG6142Y3V, 5CG6142Y1P, 5CG6142YHG, 5CG6142XP1, 5CG6142Y57, 5CG6142Y5H, 5CG6142YJP, 5CG6142XP6, 5CG6142YJJ, 5CG6142Y0Y, 5CG6142XSN, 5CG6142XJG, 5CG6142XVJ, 5CG6142XST, 5CG6142XK2, 5CG6142XYR, 5CG6142Y6K, 5CG6142XLC, 5CG6142XMD, 5CG6142XR3, 5CG6142XTG, 5CG6142YMX, 5CG6142YL9, 5CG6142Y8B, 5CG6142XRF, 5CG6142XTB, 5CG6142XNY, 5CG6142YKG, 5CG6142Y05, 5CG6142YDJ, 5CG6142XYJ, 5CG6142XY4, 5CG6142XMT, 5CG6142XM8, 5CG6142XK7, 5CG6142XVR, 5CG6142XWD, 5CG6264JC3, 5CG6264JCD, 5CG6264JBV, 5CG6264JBP, 5CG6264JC1, 5CG6264JB3, 5CG6264J8G, 5CG6264J8M, 5CG6264J8F, 5CG6264JBR, 5CG6264JBB, 5CG6264JCC, 5CG6264JCL, 5CG6264JB0, 5CG6264J9Q, 5CG6264JB1, 5CG6264JC6, 5CG6264JB7, 5CG6264JCX, 5CG6264JCV, 5CG6264JBZ, 5CG6264JDB, 5CG6264JC9, 5CG6264JDQ, 5CG6245T6L, 5CG6112KJR, 5CG6112KCQ, 5CG6112KWX, 5CG6112KM0, 5CG6112K3C, 5CG6112LX5, 5CG6112K1F, 5CG6112L97, 5CG6112LHS, 5CG6112KJ6, 5CG6112LJX, 5CG6112MWD, 5CG6112LFC, 5CG6112KT1, 5CG6112K8R, 5CG6112LXL, 5CG6112K76, 5CG6112KW7, 5CG6112KS0, 5CG6112LRH, 5CG6112MXC, 5CG6112K90, 5CG6112LDH, 5CG6112MZT, 5CG6112L8X, 5CG6112KCD, 5CG6112MZ7, 5CG6112JS6, 5CG6112KRN, 5CG6112L7W, 5CG6112JX7, 5CG6112KC5, 5CG6112JWC, 5CG6112JRS, CND61400K5, 5CG6320FVD, 5CG6326RR6, 5CG6241JJ2, 5CG6241K0F, 5CG6241M0J, 5CG6241L4X, 5CG6241NFF, 5CG6241LN9, 5CG6342Y03, 5CG6345LKW, 5CG6241LNF, 5CG63459ZC, 5CG6241KGL, 5CG6345B15, 5CG6241K8D, 5CG6342XZL, 5CG6241KKY, 5CG6241M7W, 5CG6345B68, 5CG6241JYR, 5CG6345M6X, 5CG6345M47, 5CG6345BLG, 5CG6241LNN, 5CG6345JG1, 5CG6342Y4J, 5CG6241K3M, 5CG6241K9V, 5CG6241KTJ, 5CG6241JRQ, 5CG6241LXY, 5CG6345LXP, 5CG6241K0W, 5CG63459SM, 5CG6241M37, 5CG6342XHT, 5CG6345M37, 5CG6345LYB, SDGKQH06PF8J7, SC07RC0SLG1J2, SC07RC0SBG1J2, SC07RC0S9G1J2, SC07RC0S7G1J2, SC07RC0S5G1J2, SC07RC0SAG1J2, SC07RC0SNG1J2, SC07RC0SPG1J2, SC07RC0SQG1J2, SC07RC0S3G1J2, SC07RC0S4G1J2, SC02QR1N6G8WL, SC02QR1MXG8WL, SC02QR1N0G8WL, SC02QR1MWG8WL, SC02QR1N5G8WL, SC02QR1MYG8WL, SC02QR1NAG8WL, SC02QR1MSG8WL, CND5487CPQ, CND54879VF, CND54879HM, CND5484YZ9, CND548542J, CND548546J, CND54853VG, CND54852X0, CND5484ZCH, CND5484YXJ, CND5484YSQ, CND5484ZC3, CND548531F, CND54852YR, CND548530G, CND5484Z8P, CND54852WR, CND5485320, CND5485410, 5CG55088DY, 5CD6132D13, 5CD6132CXB, 5CD6132CXW, 5CD6132CYK, 5CD6132CXT, 5CD6132CXJ, 5CD61432YG, 5CD6135FB5, 5CG6120KW9, CZC5332X6V, SC02NK1FEG084, SC02NK1FKG084, SC02NK1G6G084, SC02NK1GMG084, SC02PK003FPF4, THG521L0JT, CZ3541ZWSY, CZ3541ZWTD, CZ3541ZWT8, THG521L0JP, CZ3541ZWT2, CZ3541ZWTF, CZ3541ZWTY, CZ3541ZWT1, CZ3541ZWT9, CZ3541ZWTG, CZ3541ZWTV, STED2020A32K, STED2020A32W, STED2020A337, STED2020A33C, STED2020A33G, STED2020A324, CZC5371086, 7660A0DQFUVB, 7660A0DXFUVB, 7660A0L9FUVB, 7660A0S3FUVB, 7660A0TTFUVB, 7660A0YZFUVB, 7660A0ZLFUVB, 7660A105FUVB, 7660A10TFUVB, 7690A02AFUVB, 7690A03DFUVB, 7690A05LFUVB, 7690A07CFUVB, 76A0A001FUVB, 76A0A05CFUVB, Z400H0BN, Z400H0S3, Z400H14R, Z400H5NH, Z400H5RM, Z400H60W, Z400H9J8, Z400H9XZ, Z400HBP2, Z400HCVL, Z400HDB5, Z400HDHL, Z400HDK9, Z400HDKF, Z400HDKG, Z400HDP8, Z400HE13, Z400HE4E, Z400HEF2, Z400HELP, Z400HENB, Z400HKBS, Z400HNB6, Z400HNC4, Z400HNCV, Z400HNCX, Z400HNF0, Z400HNGH, Z400HNHJ, Z400HNR0, Z400HNVP, Z400HNXL, Z400HNYP, Z400HP4W, Z400HP9W, Z400HPNR, 06GANV9Z, 06GX9PXB, 06GXAAMB, 06VB8WKB, 06VBAULC, 06VBB31C, 06VBB39C, 06VBB3SC, 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THJ62510CN, Z1W5BZKN, 66R0A087FUYB, 76B0A0QSFUYB, 76B0A10MFUYB, 76B0A14MFUYB, 76B0A14NFUYB, 76B0A178FUYB, 76C0A002FUYB, 76C0A00CFUYB, 76C0A00MFUYB, 76C0A01BFUYB, 76C0A01FFUYB, 76C0A01HFUYB, 5CG6223GN9, 5CG6223GNN, 5CG6223NF7, 5CG6223NFD, 5CG6223NFK, 5CG6223NFZ, 5CG6223NG6, 5CG6223NGD, 5CG6223NH1, 5CG6223NHC, 5CG6223NHR, 5CG6223NJC, 5CG6223NJN, 5CG6223NJV, 5CG6223NK2, 5CG62313KL, 5CG62313LB, 5CG62313MH, 5CG62313MQ, 5CG62313Q6, 5CG62313R2, 5CG62313RB, 5CG62313SG, 5CG6111G7W, 5CG6111G9D, 5CG6111GB3, 5CG6111HK3, 5CG6163TQT, 5CG6163TRF, 5CG6282YZP, 5CG6283P2R, 5CG6283P31, 5CG6283P35, 5CG6283P3C, 5CG6283P3H, 5CG6283P3Q, 5CG6283P4Q, 5CG6283P4X, 5CG6283P5D, 5CG6283P5L, 5CG6283P5V, 5CG6283P5Z, 5CG6283P62, 5CG6283P80, 5CG6283P8F, 5CG6283P8Q, 5CG6283P8T, 5CG6283P8X, 5CG6283P9K, 5CG6283PB5, 5CG6283PB8, 5CG6283PBG, 5CG6283PC1, 5CG6283PFC, 5CG6283PGC, 5CG6283PHC, 5CG6283PHG, 5CG6283PHW, 5CG6283PJL, 5CG6283PKG, 5CG6283PKS, 5CG6283PLT, 5CG6283PN2, 5CG6283PN9, 5CG6283PNH, 5CG6283PPF, 5CG6283PPP, 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Posted by Pepe Bermudez on October 7th, 2016
Press release by Certus Software GmbH

This is a Quote

Certus Software presents Certified Data Erasing according to the Common Criteria EAL3+ level

Certus Software

EU Cloud-Based Management Secure Data Erasing

Certus Software provides fully transparent certified data erasing, including management of all users, reports and licenses in a cloud-based tool and according to the CCRA.

Augsburg, September 2016: Certus Software presents its approach in the certified data erasing field. The provided cloud-based managed erasing solution establishes transparency and a holistic view on all operations performed on each wiped storage device. The certified process is managed in a cloud-based cockpit hosted in the EU.

Certus Software Certified Data Erasure solutions cover the requirements on various type of data storage devices. They have been designed, developed and certified within the EU. The cloud-based management functionality enables secure, forensic reliable, comprehensive and transparent data erasure results, hardware auditing and reporting across all storage platforms by cost-effective services.

The cloud-based approach as well as the certified data erasing process complies with the widest existing mutual IT Security recognition arrangement (CCRA) known as the Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement (ISO15408). Certus Software has the highest given EU Common Criteria security assurance level (EAL3+) for Data Erasure.

The products are distributed as "Certus Cloud Managed Erasure Solutions" and can be customized upon request. The erasure module is universal for all offered solutions. One of the key elements is the flexible licensing model that offers the possibility to satisfy everybody’s needs. Certified data erasing is available as a price for each individual erased storage device as well as a fixed price per agreed time-period for unlimited number of erased storage devices.

Secure erasing all digital data storage devices
Certus Software’s Certified Data Erasure solutions and its modules are a powerful data erasure software service designed to erase files permanently and completely, for all the data stored in digital format (files, folders, partitions, file systems, disk sectors) on storage devices connected to a PC, Mac or server. It entirely erases all the data by overwriting each sector on the storage device with data values corresponding to the selected erasure pattern and then verifies the results, according with the settings previously chosen by the operator.

There are currently 13 supported erasure patterns. After the erasure, the resident information is entirely removed and there will be impossible to recover the data by using any currently available data recovery methods or tools. This achievement is possible by rigorously controlling and auditing all the sub-processes involved. The internal security mechanisms of Certus Software are the proof for the success or the failure of the erasing process.

The Certus Cloud Managed Erasure Solutions provides lots of flexibility when it comes to reporting. Various report formats, including XML, HTML, XLS and PDF, are available for the user in order to make him be able to find, sort and select for export the exactly needed erasure or hardware information. Certus Software solutions are designed, developed and maintained in accordance to international security standard requirements defined by ISO 15408 (Common Criteria).

Cloud-based reporting in all file formats
Resident in a cloud portal, the management component of Certus Cloud Managed Erasure Solution has been designed and developed to manage and guarantee transparency over all user actions. The purpose of the cloud-based cockpit is to give each customer full transparency and traceability of the historical data erasure information. “A certified erasure and verification procedure is mandatory in order to protect intellectual property within organizations, when a storage device is disposed or reassigned. The confidential data on a hard-drive within a PC, server, mobile device, etc. can be exposed and moved unwittingly in such situations.” commented Robert Brunner, CMO of Certus Software Germany. “Also after an IT system has been infected with malicious code, Certus Cloud Certified Data Erasure Solution comes as the ultimate choice to assure and certify that all storage devices are properly clean and safe.” he says.

Secure Certified erasing at EAL3+ level
The level of the security assurance provided by Certus Software GmbH is EAL3+ as per Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation (CC – a.k.a. ISO/IEC 15408). This is currently the highest IT security Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) issued in EU for data erasure software. The Common Criteria R.A. is an arrangement between 26 different Governments around the world with the purpose of setting the requirements of the ISO15408 standard and the mechanism of mutual recognition of the evaluation schemes. The US authority in charge with implementing the CCRA is the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) that has a Validation Scheme in place for it (CCEVS).

Secure Cloud Managed Erasing
The access to Certus Software’s cloud management functionalities are protected by the currently safest IT security cryptographic protocol TLS v1.2, known as the saver version of SSL.

Certus Software GmbH, headquartered in Augsburg (Germany), runs its R&D, manufacturing and support processes by its high quality software development team in Iasi (Romania).

• Get the Common Criteria evaluation full report here.
• More about Common Criteria and its members.
• More about NIAP CCEVS.
• About DIN ISO/IEC 15408 (CC): The standard defines a criteria work for the security evaluation of IT products and IT systems and is part of an internationally recognized standard.

About Certus Software GmbH
Certus Software provides Certified Data Erasure solutions for all types of data storage devices. Developed and certified within the EU, its unique cloud-based management functionality enables secure, comprehensible, forensic reliable data erasure by certified and cost-effective services, which are compliant with internationally certified standards as CC EAL3+.
Resident in a cloud portal, Certus Cloud Certified Data Erasure solutions enable by design, the management of multiple user’s activities and multiple option reports.
The goal of Certus Software is to give each customer certified protection of the confidentiality related to residual data stored on a storage device by totally erasing the data, as well as full transparency and traceability of the historical information related to the erasure.

Emitter / v.i.S.d.P.:
Certus Software GmbH
Robert Brunner, CMO
Tattenbachstrasse 1
D-86179 Augsburg, Germany
Tel: + 49 (0) 821 - 650 688 – 0
Email: pr@certus.software

Press Contact Certus Software:
Email: certus@bimpress.de
Tel. +49 821 661090-31
This is a Quote

Trade Safe!

Pepe Bermúdez
Marketing & Sales www.TheBrokerSite.com
Phone: +1 3472846827

LinkedIn Profile: http://nl.linkedin.com/in/pepebermudez
MSN-Skype & Trillian: www.TheBrokerSite.com
AIM & G-Talk: Pepe@TheBrokerSite.com
Yahoo! Messenger: Pepe_TheBrokerSite
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Posted by Pepe Bermudez on October 6th, 2016
Thank you for another successful #EuropeanBrokerMeeting! We are happy to congratulate Sarah Pocock (Global Lifecycle Solutions EMEA from The United Kingdom), Paolo Colleluori (Tradeurope Srl from Italy), Finn Johnsen (CHG-Meridian Skien AS from Norway) and Kasper Horn Nielsen (Scandic IT ApS from Denmark). The following pictures tagged with #EuropeanBrokerMeeting during our event in #Barcelona have won free tickets for next year's EBM:

Thank you very much and see you next year!

Trade Safe!

Pepe Bermúdez
Marketing & Sales www.TheBrokerSite.com
Phone: +1 3472846827

LinkedIn Profile: http://nl.linkedin.com/in/pepebermudez
MSN-Skype & Trillian: www.TheBrokerSite.com
AIM & G-Talk: Pepe@TheBrokerSite.com
Yahoo! Messenger: Pepe_TheBrokerSite
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Posted by Mario Biemans on October 4th, 2016
www.TheBrokerSite.com doesn't automatically renew yearly memberships. When a membership is up for renewal, we call the customer to ask if they want to renew and, only then, we invoice them. The same goes for new members we always speak to companies before they join as paid members, we don't send invoices without permission.

The following companies renewed their memberships or joined as paid members but then never paid the invoices (promised to send payment several times).

Smart Spot from Ireland
Epos Traders from UK

Please be careful when trading with these companies as they do not keep their commitments.

Trade Safe!

Mario Biemans
Managing Director www.TheBrokerSite.com
Organizer of The www.EuropeanBrokerMeeting.com
Phone: +31 621546725
LinkedIn Profile: http://nl.linkedin.com/in/mariobiemans
MSN-Skype: mario.biemans
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