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About TBS

The Broker Site BV

www.TheBrokerSite.com (TBS) is the leading B2B e-marketplace for buying and selling computer parts and equipment in Europe. TBS was founded in 1999, and has grown to become the leading European on-line platform for buying and selling used, refurbished and new hardware.

A safe online trading environment for the computer industry.

For the last couple of years TBS has been the leading European Online Computer Trading Exchange. TBS aims to keep this position and grow even further by providing a simple, reliable and cost effective online trading exchange.

The Broker Site has been trademarked since January 2010
Trademark (PDF)

Statistics (as of 02/4/2015)
Number of members: 1610
Different countries represented: 57
Daily Average sessions: >2,000
Daily Average Page Views: >15,000
Broadcasts sent on a daily basis: >300,000
Parts in Database: >1,700,000

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