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Over the years, The Broker Site has built up an impressive reputation, being Europe's leading Computer Trading Exchange.
Don't take our word for it, feel free to see what our members say about The Broker Site!

"I would like to thank you Mario and all people in his team. They are doing very great job for all members. We are using TheBrokerSite.com over 6 years, and we have never had any problems or issue. We found it on this portal several new suppliers, and it helped us to grow our business. We recomend this portal for everyone, who is interested in sending offers, or need to buy something. I'm looking forward to cooperate in future, and I believe, that we will grow up as TheBrokerSite do."
Jakub Peths, GIGACOMPUTER s.r.o.
"Hello Mario and colleagues, Thank you very very much for your support this past year. First of all let me tell you that I was right, discovering your website has really done it for me. After intensive searching and trying all kind of other broker platforms I found a very simple one www.TheBrokerSite.com It is very very simple easy to use and I have grown my business 5 times the past year because of the new suppliers and customers we found on www.TheBrokerSite.com. I am counting on the same kind of growth in 2017 too. Please send the invoice for the next 12 months - I will pay that with a very big smile on my face. Thank you and your team too and I wish I found out about your website earlier! "
Marian Toma, Ledmax Electronics
"We joined TBS trial account, sent out our first broadcast and got call back from Mario couple of hours later asking us for reference on behalf of site member that would like to place an order, Mario and Pepe verified our trading history with several members of the site and we got our first order of 26,000 USD in less than 24 hours. It has been 14 days since we registered the site and our total orders made thru TBS in this 14 days period stands on 94,400 USD! It feels like a safe platform to do business and it's really working!"
Eyal Shoabi, VOLT Green IT
"TheBrokerSite acts as one of the most effective networking tools available on the IT market. You will find quality prospects, an incredible amount of business resources, great support and business partners turning into life long relationships. The platform is easy to work with, the support is great with a five star reaction time on any issue requiring additional attention."
Bogdan Deac, LaptopPlaza
"TBS provides an excellent BtoB platform for safe, fast and comprehensive trading of IT hardware and Software. The European Broker Meeting is a great 1 shot opportunity to discover and renew contact with other members, in a festive and friendly environment."
Murray Dawson, Bis Repetita
"We are very satisfied with TBS and appreciate the work of the TBS team. A good platform for fast, clean and reputable transactions."
Marc Vahlsing, Computer-Profisysteme.de
"I have used the TBS for over 12 years and it's been an excellent tool for us to source and sell stock, as well as finding new contacts and promoting trade in Europe. Mario's team have always been very helpful and the modifications over the years have been most welcome"
Inventory Management Europe Ltd.
"The Broker Site: Quite simply the best broker site on the net. Mario and his team have defiantly helped me find new clients, and increase 3 Step IT leasing market share , you could not ask for more."
Jean-Claude Cramley, 3 Step IT Oy
"TBS is the best way to trade safe..."
Paul Berardier, Composite Network
"We are very happy with the professional and friendly service that Mario & Pepe provide on The Broker Site...! Business has really improved with many new contacts and relationships built as a result. A Big thank you from all at CE Asset Management!"
James Jackson, CE Asset Management
"I am really very happy with broker site and your prompt response and support"
Motaka, Sharpie Limited
"Your network has helped me to triple my sales. Since I made the inscription we export so many trucks every month I say thank you to you for all the work you do and for the organization."
Antonino Onofaro, Computers Parts IT REMARKETING
"I signed up for a free trial on www.TheBrokerSite.com and to my surprise extra turnover was higher than I could have imagined. My sales were unprecedented, as a novice on TBS my January net sales doubled, selling to new customers outside of the Netherlands! Thanks to TBS I am more open to sell into other European countries. Many thanks TBS Team!"
Simon de Jong, Andeltech Electronics
"Thank you for fast response and let me say thank you to all of your team. I guess the Broker Site is the best computer exchange on web. I appreciate your work very much!"
Oliver Winkler, Computa24 GmbH
"Mario, Thanks for these emails and Thanks to TBS for doing such a great job to keep our channel and this website clean. We appreciate it!"
Bill Cox, Enhanced Network Systems
"Good morning Mario. Many thanks for all your information....this is very helpful for all of us...you and your team make a great job."
Harry Krug, Livingston Hamilton Rentals GmbH
"Well run, proffessional trade site"
Mark Coverdale, Charterpoint Ltd
"TBS is the fastest and easiest way to get your stock out of the warehouse or full-fill warehouse when it’s empty. Trusted, fair and professional site. Thank you Mario and all TBS stuff for your work."
Rafal Kicka, Diprocon sp. z o. o.
"Best business product."
Tarciuc Costel, Diablos Computer
"They are very serious and professional service provider"
Shahram Jahanbazi, LIDAX IT-Remarketing
"They offer a service 100% recommended. Hardworking and honest people I feel that are my friends. Thank you very much people of TBS."
Luis Alberto Arias Conde, www.pc-portatil.com & Arcon Ourense SL
"Great place for the IT trade"
Ian Melton, Cefni Computer Disposals
"The Best Broker Meeting!"
Alfons Zeinstra, 360 Technologies Europe B.V.
"Good place to do business"
Francesco Gelmetti, Sprint Computer Services SRL
"TBS has presented us a reliable and competitive platform to source products. This has tremendously enhanced our productivity and bottom-line profitability. Great place to trade- TBS!"
M.H Olatunde, Xplore Limited
"After almost 10 years being a member of TBS, it is becoming more as a social networkof people doing the same business. It helps, guides and quite easy tool to reach many IT businesses around the globe. Members of the TBS are reliable and thus is a result of the team behind."
Jason Kokinov, Real Vision Ltd.
"Being a trusted member for many years we are still surprised with the high level of service and overwhelming personal attention of the TBS staff.As Flection became the leading company on refurbished IT in Europe the TBS similar grew with us and is now the number one Computer Trading Exchange in Europe. TBS is the best tool in our branch to contact the companies and people you need for successful business in the refurbished IT."
Willian Kroon, Flection
"We have been members of the www.TheBrokerSite.comsince it started many years ago, and when we need purchase whole units, related Trading IT; it is the best B2B site that gives us total coverage of Europe. Also the support of TBS is very good and helpfully. We recommend it sincerely."
Francisco Resino, International Data Computer
"Best thing about TBS is that you can trust the members and make smooth and fast deals and move on to the next deal instead of wasting time on unreliable biz partners. Also the yearly reunion at the European Broker Meeting is fun and time efficient to catch up with many biz partners in only 48 hours. Highly recommendable."
Arne Bertelsen, Connect IT Denmark/Germany/Spain
"GREENTECH has been using TBS for many years, we are very happy with the possibilities this powerful tool provides us with on a daily basis. Many of our best clients have had their first contact with GREENTECH replying to a WTS on TBS."
Steinar Aune, GreenTech
"Corporate-Max has been listed on the TBS since it started and we have noted that all the Trusted Companies are still there as observed from the broadcasts. There are many B2B sites out there but we think that the main reason for its success and our remaining loyal to The Broker Site is the personalized attention and fairness always demonstrated by its staff to all their members."
Anup, Corporate-Max
"TBS is more than another site to list your inventory, its community of traders provide a platform to both source, sell and gain product knowledge. With such a large percentage of our repeat business traders being TBS member’s membership renewal is never questioned!"
Daniel Elson, EOL IT Services LTD
"Over the years we have received an excellent service from The BrokerSite, they are professional in every way.The BrokerSite is an efficient and effective method to broadcast goods and find new customers and we look forward to using their services for many years to come."
Debra Chesterfield, Dataserv UK
"BrokerSite does exactly what it says on the tin, with minimum fuss. Summed up in 2 words - Simple, effective!"
Robin Seymour, Signals IT
"TBS is for us a friendly and very professional minded community. Our participation in TBS provides us with the security and at the same times opens us up to an important segment of the European IT Broker market. TBS is essential in our day to day business."
Murray Dawson, BIS REPETITA
"www.TheBrokerSite.com is very useful for our business, thanks to its real time email broadcast system we send and receive offers around the world from and to many trusted companies that have the same business. We are members since the year 2000 and we closed so many deals and our business has been always growing."
Ghapios Garas, Simpatico Network srl
"We have been using TBS for many years now as the ONLY effective tool for sourcing all the equipment we need...and it is pretty effective when you want to find a customer for almost anything you have on stock.Highly recommended for everyone in the industry!"
András Fugerth,Hadrianus Computers
"The Brokersite is very easy to use and easy to understand. Our company gained new clients that we may not have been able to access previously. The support of TBS is very good, and the team is very helpful and knowledgeable. We would participate as long as TBS will be there!"
Ruud de Wildt, Concord Remarketing GmbH
"We have been members of the The Broker Site ever since it started and for I.T Related Trading it is the ONLY B2B site that gives us total coverage of Europe. As and when we need to get “information out there” to the people that count, TBS is the only tool that is worth paying for."
Rod Neal, A2C Services Ltd.
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